View From The Ridge

View From The Ridge

Sunday, August 22, 2010

McCall, Idaho

A couple of weeks ago Jeri and I took a short trip to McCall, Idaho.  As the crow flies, McCall is only 100 miles straight east of us, but by highway it is about 215 miles.  The Eagle Cap Mountains and Snake river sort of get in the way.  The big draw for this area is the pristine skiing in the winter and Payette lake for water sports and fishing in the summer.  And golf.  I don't do the first two but I do the third. 

Payette Lake is over 5,000 acres and seven miles long and at 5,000 feet elevation.  Located on a peninsula sticking out into the lake is Ponderosa State Park, a beautiful mountain campground with over 200 camp sites that are well spaced out.
 Unfortunately, they do have rodents, aka chipmunks and squirrels, that apparently look for new places to take up residence.  Jeri kept hearing a noise so we investigated and found that one of them had been gnawing on the electrical cord door.  A good dowsing of WD-40 on the cord and door seemed to discourage any further reshaping of the entrance. 

Bob, Sue, Grandson Noah & Jeri
Our Friends, Bob and Sue, had invited us to join them at an extended family gathering at the lake and to play some golf.  Say the G word and I'm hooked, just reel me in.  So a month before hand we made reservations for 5 nights at the park and started making plans.  Then a week before we were to leave, Scott had his fatal accident (see last blog). 

Since we had paid for our camp reservations in advance, we decided to go as scheduled.  Bob and Sue and all their families came up after the memorial service.  It was a good time for healing, to be with family and to reflect on how important Scott was to the family.  At first Jeri and I were not sure how we were going to fit into all of this due to the circumstances but Bob told us the last thing grieving families need is to be left alone.  We provided a needed diversion, played card games, and yes, played golf for two days with Bob, his son, Rob and son-in-law Kane.  We had a great time golfing, and we laughed a bunch. 

One story I have to tell is my failed attempt at golf instruction.  Rob has this slice problem and I was offering suggestions on how to correct that.  I remembered reading an article that suggested imagining throwing the club down the fairway to feel the proper follow through when swinging the club.  So I told Rob to swing the club and throw it down the fairway.  Bob says "you don't mean to actually throw the club", and I said "sure, yes, throw it down the fairway".  Bob says it would break the club, I replied "no it won't, it's all grass down there."  So Rob takes a full swing with his three wood, forgets to let go with his left hand, pull hooks the club hard left 30 feet  high into a pine tree about 40 yards away.  I can't begin to describe Rob's expression as he turns to me and says something to the effect "ya think maybe that was not smart?"  After our round was over, we spent about 40 minutes throwing sticks at it, then tied a rope to a stick and finally got the club out of the tree.  Made for interesting conversations with groups that were teeing off while we were trying to rescue the club. 

The next day we went to a course just south of McCall called Jug Mountain and built in 2006.  This was a really fun course to play as it had wide fairways and scenic views.  We again had a great time and laughed too much, but I kept my golf instruction to a minimum. 

Bob and Jeri with the three girls, Isabella, Emma and Olivia.
Later that day we all went down to the lake beach and had a picnic dinner of hot dogs, brauts, fruit and salads.  Bob's brother-in-law took me for a ride in his boat around the lake to view some of the numerous "cabins" on the lake.  Some mighty fancy homes on that lake.                                               
 We had a great time that week, was  a nice change of pace for us and allowed us to concentrate on someone else for a change instead of focusing on my problems.    We made some new friends and enjoyed some great fellowship.  We look forward to being able to that again.                               


  1. Say Mike, nice to read that you and Jeri got away and had a special little trip, as well as for Bob and Sue. Bet it did a world of good. It was interesting reading about it. Continued blessings to you. Sharon D.

  2. Hi Mikey,
    My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about McCall to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!