View From The Ridge

View From The Ridge

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New adventure - Part II

Hills of Portland in a sea of fog
We have been on the island a week now, and I guess I will start at the beginning.  We arrived in Kona after a nice flight that seemed shorter in length than normal.  Jeri and I played gin on the way over which helps pass the time.  Went to Hertz to pick up our economy car for one day, only to find out their were none available.  Darn!  Had to accept a free up grade to a KIA mini-van, which I believe was a God thing because I was having doubts that we could get all our luggage stuffed into a small car.  The brochure said two travel bags and we had five!

Made the 30 minute trip to Dick and Sharon's house that they purchased when we were over here in September.  They came back  in December for 10 days to put in some basic items like beds, refrigerator, and some dishes and kitchen ware.  Then they returned home for the holidays.  So we are the first to actually occupy the house and work out some of the bugs.  Literally!  Termites and itsy bitsy microscopic red ants are the two biggest pest, followed by cockroaches.  So far no termites or roaches, but boy are the ants a problem.  

Saturday morning the Direct TV guy shows up at 7:45, promptly went to work and had everything installed by 9:30.  Neat young man that flat knew how to work.  They had been scheduled for Monday, but called Friday wanting to install early if possible.  Worked for me.  So I ask the guy about future installing for us and that I had been instructed by DTV to bring my receiver box with me.  He said "Sorry, it won't work over here."  They use a different system over here with a different receiver and apparently the mainland techs can't seem to understand that.  I packed that thing over here and now will have to pack it back.  Frustrating.

After that we went to Costco, filled the rental van with gas and returned it to Hertz.  While Dick and Sharon were here in December they purchased a used Jeep Cherokee and were kind enough to leave the keys for us to use.  That has saved us a ton of money in rental fees.  Went back to Costco to load up on provisions and had lunch.  Say what you want about Hawaiian cost but Costco still sells a dog and drink for a buck fifty, same as the mainland.  In fact, as far as we can determine, the Costco prices here are the same as Portland.  After that we went to Home Depot and picked up a fresh gallon of ant spray and two plastic patio chairs.

That evening I decided to research and find a church to attend Sunday morning.  Found this one web site that was really laid out nice, described  all kinds of activities and ministries, care groups, men and ladies groups, feeding the homeless every Friday evening, and their statement of faith looked like it came right our of our church in La Grande.  The pastor is native Hawaiian, started preaching while in High School, did some youth and mission work, went to seminary, so I was really looking forward to hearing him.  

We find this place, and like most churches in Hawaii it is a building that has no side walls, just a roof.  Very open air and I love that.  From there on it went straight down hill like a falling rock!  First few songs were very loud, can't begin to identify the style but it was a mix of rock and maybe New Orleans Jazz or Dixie land, I don't know but it was strange.  One of the Ladies in the worship team was Hawaiian and improvised with a high pitch scream that was reeeeallly piercing.  Oh, and lots of hand waving, which I don't mind, but the older lady waving a four foot white flag was a little different.  Would have been alright if we had been singing "I surrender all" but we weren't.   Didn't notice anyone speaking in tongues, but lots of dancing.  Last couple of songs they toned it down and sang some songs I even recognized.  

Next, a lady, possibly the Pastor's wife, gets on stage and makes reference to the twelve baskets in front of the stage.  These are bushel size hand woven from palm leaves and really neat baskets.  She then had the congregation divide up into twelve groups, each with a basket.  The idea was to pour all your 2011 problems into the basket, get rid of them and start off 2012 with a clean slate, I guess.  About half the congregation went right up, the rest kind of reluctantly went up, peer pressure I guess, and then there was us sitting feeling awkward because we were not a part of that church family.  Noticed that there were two other couples that had come together were not participating, obviously visitors also.   Jeri nudges me and whispers "We could leave now and make the service at the other church", one that we had attended on one of our previous visits to the island.  But no, I am committed, I don't want to pass judgement too soon because I still am thinking this doesn't match with what I read on their web site.  Foolish me!  Oh it gets better!

The pastor then gets up and prays, makes a few announcements, and then introduces the guest speaker known affectionately as "Aunt Betty", a lady probably in her 60's.  The rock now begins to fall further and faster!  
First words out of this ladies mouth is "I prayed about this message and the Lord said to me not to prepare anything, that He would speak through me what I was to say".  Well, after 40 minutes of her rambling on, my conclusion is the Lord was dead silent because I didn't hear anything that even resembled something He would say.  Oh she talked about living right, loving one another, helping those who need help,
yada yada yada, made vague references to portions of the bible, for thirty seven minutes never mentioned a scripture, but then just when I thought she was going to make it  without doing that, she reads a passage out of Matthew.  Lost money on that self bet!  What a waste of a beautiful Sunday morning.

Due to size limatations permitted on blogs, I have to continue this as Part III. 

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  1. Your home looks absolutely beautiful and yes your right, the one God perfectly picked out for you! Sorry to hear about the crazy church service. We will be praying that you guys can find an amazing church to become part of that will bless you and that you can serve in as well. Well, our little church sure misses you guys. When we look back we miss seeing your faces and your hugs on the way out. Love you guys