View From The Ridge

View From The Ridge

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

God's daily protection - again!

Proverbs 30:5  "Every word of God has proven to be true. He is a shield to those who come to him for protection.
Gen 39:21,22  While Joseph was in prison, the LORD was with him. The LORD reached out to him with his unchanging love and gave him protection

 Proverbs 30:5  "Every word of God has proven to be true. He is a shield to those who come to him for protection. 
 Psa 91:10-11  No harm will come to you. No sickness will come near your house.
  He will put his angels in charge of you to protect you in all your ways.

Yes, F0lks, it has been another adventurous day in the day time drama, The Query's in Hawaii.   Do you notice anything that stands out in the attached photo of the left front wheel of our Volvo SUV?  Yes, you are correct, two brand new lug bolts!  Why, you say, would you put in only two new bolts?  Because that is all that was missing.   And that brings us to the story, because, as you know, there is always a story.

It seems for the last two or three weeks I have noticed a faint rhythmic hum type noise that was in time with the rotation of the tires.  There were no handling issues and it did not track or pull one direction of the other.  And with all the company we have had the past month it was easy to forget about the noise.  Plus I don't drive the Volvo very often since the Camaro arrived, surprise surprise.  

So this morning we were taking the Patterson's to the airport, who spent a couple of nights with us on their vacation to Oahu and The Big Island, when this faint hum becomes a much more perceptible rhythmic metallic sound.  Les comments that it sounds like a bearing going out, but all I see is Dollar signs involving overhauling the front wheel drive axle assembly.  After dropping the Pattersons off at the airport and saying our goodbyes, I decide that it is only 10 minutes to Cotta, the Master Volvo Technician, and have him listen to this and give me an estimate on what it is going to cost to make it go away.  

Cotta is an interesting story in himself.  He has been a Volvo technician most of his life, worked for the Honolulu Volvo dealer until he decided he wanted to open his own shop on the Big Island.  He has more work than he knows what to do with, had three of the vehicles inside his small shop, and no less than 6 outside waiting for parts or to be serviced, and is constantly being interrupted by people like me wanting to know what is causing this noise or why is this not working.  

When we arrive, Cotta is busy waiting on a lady.  After about 5 minutes he comes over, I relate what is going on, he asks me if I have had any tire work done, (NO, he last serviced it a month ago) he jumps in the back seat and I head down the alley to the highway to see if he could hear it.  As we are pulling away from his shop, he asks  "Is that the noise you hear" and I replied "yes".  He tells me to stop, jumps out of the car and looks at the left front wheel, tells me to back up, and then motions all the way back to the shop.  Mind you we are still in the alley, haven't gone more that 50 or 60 yards.  I stop in front of the shop as he walks into his office.  I then notice that two of the five lug bolts are gone, two are about 50% backed out and only one appears to be maybe tight.   Cotta comes out with two new lug bolts, tightens and torques those five and then checks the other three wheels with the torque wrench.  Those were all OK.  

He then relates to me how disturbed he is over this because HE was the last one to work on the car when I brought it in for service and his 100,000 mile check where he checks everything, brakes, rotates and balances the wheels, etc.   About this time I notice he looks whiter than when I first arrived, my stomach is churning, because we both realize that Jeri and I came very close to a major incident.  Only God knows how much longer that wheel would have stayed on if I had ignored the warning signs. 

What scares me even more is that Andy and Leslie had used the car several times while they were here the week before and then Tom and Judie had used it the week before that.   So God's protection extended to all of us.  

The weird thing is that I have had this happen three other times with cars and a pick-up after having tire work done, and know what it sounds and feels like, and this did not feel like or sound like a loose wheel.  I had also washed the car two or three weeks ago and I know the lug bolts were there then.  I had to scrub brake dust off of both front wheels and I dried the rims, so I know they were there.  And that was after Cotta had worked on it.

I view this as another feeble attempt by Satan to derail us from what ever God has planned for our remaining days.   It also gives me fodder for another story of how God fulfills his promises to guard and protect his children.  It allows me to give testimony of the legion of guardian angels that work overtime protecting Jeri and me.   And it, hopefully, gives hope to those that read this that God is working in their lives also when they trust in Jesus for protection and guidance.  I think we will be amazed in Heaven when it is revealed how many times angels interceded for us and protected us when we were unaware of anything happening.   Today, Jeri an I dodged another bullet because God was faithful in fulfilling his promise to guard and protect us until that time when he decides that it is time to come home to Him. 

And Yes, we had a wonderfull visit with Les and Cathy.  Wish it could have been longer.  Les played his first 18 holes of golf, didn't do too bad,  we found more balls than he lost, almost had his first birdie (missed a peacock by inches with a drive).   He taught me how to fly a kite (one of those canopy type that you can control) and I was able to fly it reasonably well and managed not to hit anyone with it. 

Cathy and Les heading for the ocean with wave board and kite
 We were experiencing some strong winds that afternoon on the A beach and saw a wind surfer take off across the bay and went way out in the ocean.   Les then gets this idea of taking one of my wave boards and seeing if his kite will pull him across the water.  The wind is blowing about 20-25 knots so Cathy takes the board down to the water, Les attempts to get on it while trying to control the kite and, well, the wind does sorta pull him and the half sumerged wave board a little ways in the water.  I think if we
Preparing for boarding
Obviously over weight.  
had had a surf board or a paddle board, the venture would have been successful.  As it was there was just too much drag.  Probably too much lead in Les' hind quarters.   

But we had a great time and then went to the Hilton and watched the free dolphin show.  

Despite the over loaded conditions some progress was made.


But the end result was crash and burn. 


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