View From The Ridge

View From The Ridge

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Taken at Rancho de Jamon May 2013.  back row, left to right:  Andy and Lesley; Kris; Hana (Mitchel's girl friend) Mitchel with Max; Drew; Bethany; Randal; Charles and Stacia.  Front row:  Cash, Kris' Great Dane; Jeri; Lani; and Mike.

In my previous blogs you have read about our adventures of leaving the ranch and buying a house in Hawaii.  So the family decided that we should have one last weekend at the ranch to say our goodbys and reminisce about how blessed we have been to have had the privilege to live there and how God used this piece of land to mold and shape each of us into who we are today. 
House site before house arrived.

What I would like to share now is some before and after pictures of the changes not only of the ranch, but of our family.

Arriving after one mile journey after being on the same place for 80 plus years

In May or June of 1974, we found this house, built between 1890 and 1895, that was going to be dismantled.  I had a friend look at it and he said it was very sound and worth the effort to move and remodel.  We found a house mover in Pasco, Washington, that would move it for $5,000.
House finally over foundation
Took them two or three days to raise it off the basement foundation and onto the axles to move it down the road, and another day to travel the mile to our place.  The next morning they started to move it up the hill to the new foundation, only to have the left axle sink into a spring that we were unaware of.  They spent the rest of the day jacking the house up and backing it back down the hill.  The next morning they tried going up the center of the field, only to find another spring.  They then repeated the previous days work.

On the third morning they showed up with a rented D-9 cat and a truck load of planks.  Two of my neighbors brought down their D-4 cats and with all this extra horse power and traction, they were finally able to haul the house up the hill to it's final resting site.   Total cost:  $2,000 for the house, $5,000 to move it, $3,000 for the foundation, plumbing and electricity.  A bargain even in those days!  We were in it, but the remodeling had to wait another twenty years.  

 Over the next few decades, few pictures were taken except of family.  Those were hard years and I was not in the mood for picture taking.  Nor could I afford the film cost. 

June 2002

June, 2010


Today the house looks like it has been there 100 years.  Twice we have had people who grew up in the area years ago stop and ask us if the house had been there back then because they couldn't remember it. 

While visiting dad in January of 2005, he said if I built a studio apartment, he would come.  So the summer of that year we built this really nice over sized two car garage with a 600 sf apartment above,  only to discover he lied to me.  He never came.                                                      

Fall, 1976 wood cutting crew

Chuck's 1980 High School Graduation.  Back row:  Chuck(my dad); Jeri and Mike.  Front:  Lani; Millie(Jeri's mom)Chuck; Bertie(My mom) Andy; Kris and Willie(Jeri's dad). 

Christmas 2008

Millie Kirby's (Jeri's Mom) 90th birthday party.  August 2006

August, 2011, at Waikoloa Beach Resort, Kona Hawaii

 There are 17 in this picture so I will try and get them all named.  Standing, left to right:  Lesley; Drew; Kris; Mike(Merill's boy friend) Bethany, Kirstie(Andy's daughter); Sharon(my sister who looks like she is kneeling but is actually standing) Randall, Charles; Stacia; Richard(my brother-in-law) Jeri and Mike.
Kneeling:  Andy; Merrill(Sharon and Richard's daughter)Lani and Mitchell.  This was a family gathering to spread Dad's (Chuck Query) ashes in the Pacific off of Kona, Hawaii.  The fact that we were able to find a time slot that they all could get the time off or were not in school was a minor miracle. 
Thanksgiving dinner with friends, neighbors and family

The 37 years on that hollowed piece of ground is just one chapter of many in Jeri's and my life.  We have begun a new chapter now, learning to deal with a new state, new culture, climate, neighbors, friends and church.  In the past the kids came to us for Christmas, now we travel to them.  God has been good to us in the past and we  are looking forward in anticipation for what he has in store for us in the future.  


  1. I am so glad you have found a wonderful new home, but am sad to see you leaving the farm! It was a great place where our family loved to spend time with all of you!


  2. Very nice, bro. But you just couldn't resist another short joke, could ya?!?

    Sharon, also known as the ankle biter

  3. If it just weren't so miserably cold in Hawai'i in December I'd try to move some stuff around, you know, just to spend some time with you guys. It's just so difficult to leave the balmy winters of Boise and Chicago, and Portland is just so nice and arid in December. I, for one, would be willing to suck it up and try to enjoy myself out there for Christmas. But not everyone in the family has my ability to withstand such harsh conditions.

    1. Well, there is always thanksgiving. The weather is not as chilly and the water is still warm. The fact that your willing to sacrifice your comfort to be with your aging parents is very noteworthy and appreciated. Meanwhile I am freezing my butt off in cold, wet NE Oregon and not enjoying it one bit. Starting to miss Hawaii a whole bunch!!

      BTW, you are one funny guy. Do not change!!

    2. Stupid Junuary! We had a high of 68 yesterday, and next saturday is forecasted at 105.