View From The Ridge

View From The Ridge

Monday, October 6, 2014

While we were gone.

We are approaching being in Portland seven out the last eight months, at least two extra months that we had not planned on.  While the house has set empty, there has been much activity in the yard.  Last year God put us in contact with a young christian man named Alister, from Australia, who operates Kona Brothers Landscaping.  He has been an absolute blessing from God as he has taken care of our yard while we have been gone.

Last year I had finally had enough of our grass and irrigation system.  The centipede grass was almost impossible for me to mow, mostly because the thatch was so deep that the mower would bottom out, (plus the undetected cancer had already began draining me of strength and energy.)  The irrigation was hit and miss and using more water than necessary.  Since renovating the irrigation required tearing up the lawn, I decided that we would remove all the old  grass and start over with something better.
Working the sod cutter.
We decided to divide the project
Removing the sod.
into three sections, front, back and side yards.  Jeri outlined where she wanted new flower beds and Alister designed the watering system and drip lines.

They came in with a sod cutter and removed all the grass, then began clearing out roots and rocks and dug trenches for the new water lines.  There is no soil to speak of on the island, just lava rocks, sand and gravel.  

New grass starting to grow, flower beds planted.

 Old entry walkway

New walkway with black lava pavers. 

In the back yard there was a walkway and a pad for a hot tub, which I sold right away because I didn't want to mess with the upkeep.  Took this guy all day with a jack hammer to break up the cement that was 4 and 5 inches thick.

New walkway to back yard.

Rolling in the stolons.

This has been another lost year, a year where plans and anticipated events were dashed and replaced with doctor appointments, surgery and hospital stays, infusions of chemotherapy, blood draws and shots to increase white blood cells.   The nation of Israel wandered the wilderness for 40 years.   Some of you have had to endure long periods of ill health, disabilities, longer times away from your home.  So I have no room to complain.  But I am looking forward to being home again and to enjoy the changes to our yard in Hawaii, to feel the warmth of the tropical sun, the warm salt water of the Pacific and hopefully get back to playing some golf. 

We are just two weeks from returning to Hawaii as I write this, it has been a long eight months since we left in March.  I was beginning to think this would never end, yet we now see the end approaching.  Thank you all for your unwavering prayers and support for both of us, it has been much appreciated and effective.