View From The Ridge

View From The Ridge

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

God's plan

Well folks, we have a plan!  Or rather God has a Plan.  I Met with the radiologist and talked about the incessant nose bleeding that I have.  Dr. Hung thinks that 5 sessions spaced out over 10 days, will  stun the cancer and stop the bleeding for 4 to 6 months.  But, and there is always a big but, he wants to wait until the after the 3rd or 4th round of Keytruda to see if the Immunotherapy is working.  If it is working there is a chance the bleeding will have already stopped.   The Keytruda treatments will be every three weeks for a year, with scanning done every three months.  If there are indications the cancer is still growing they will stop the infusions and go to the non-existent plan B.  

After that meeting, we rode the tram down to the OHSU facility on the water front for a meeting with Dr. Taylor’s oncology nurse for a mandatory pre-infusion meeting where she informs me of ALL the possible side effects and what to do if any of them show up. Interestingly, I had done some research on the internet to see just what this Keytruda stuff was.  There is a long list of possible side effects, the last being death.  That is just what you do not want to see. 

  She was very encouraging claiming that they have had very few patients react to the Keytruda.   She said that they are more than willing to work with the Kona hospital’s oncology unit so that I am able to have the second and third round of infusions done there.
Each session starts out with a blood draw which takes 30-45 min. to get the results back, then the actual infusion only takes an hour vs. the 4 or 5 hours the regular chemotherapy takes.   Piece of cake!!
I have booked a return flight back to Hawaii on Saturday the third of September.  Jeri and Kris have already started to box stuff up that Jeri wants to bring to our new home.  Returning to Portland will depend on when the house sells. 

I have a dilemma concerning our two cars.  One is the bright red Mercedes 4 door sedan which I dearly love and gets 35+ mpg on the highway.  We no longer have need for two cars as Jeri has quit driving because of her Parkinson’s.   Our other car is my bright yellow Camaro, with black racing strips which hauls my golf clubs and is the car that I drive most of the time.   This is my baby!   “Please don’t let the dingoes take my Baaaaby!” Details at 11 on how this turns out. 

There is no doubt that God was behind us in this move to Hawaii.  For things to work out the way they did had all the ear marks of God’s Divine hand being in control.  Of the almost five years we have “technically” lived there I have spent almost 2 years being in Portland, mostly undergoing cancer treatment.

Obviously God has a reason and a plan for us to be back in the Portland area.   I have not a clue what that could be but I know God is in control, He has a plan, and I am just along for the ride.  My goal now is to enjoy the ride and try not to be a back-seat driver.     

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